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Markham Park
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 by kmitch1001 on Markham Park Camping and Picnic
Great camping

This was our first trip in our 5th wheel and was only 30 minutes from home. We felt like we were in another world. The campsites are great with lots of room. The park is huge so our bike rides were excellent with great scenery. There's so much to do in this park. Also, right across S.R. 84 is a wonderful shopping center with a latin supermarket (Bravos). There was also an Italian restaurant with the best garlic rolls ever. If we feel like a quick getaway we will definitely be there again.

 by Jason Storer on Markham Park RC Flying Field
Great R/C instructors and fabulous club

The R/C flight lessons that the instructors teach here are very understandable. The lessons range from first time fliers to experienced pilots who need refreshers. I've been flying at Markham my whole life and every lesson I've received were very clear to understand. Furthermore the instructors here are very patient with all customers. They also provide advice on how one could improve their planes specs. The R/C club that is associated with Markham is wonderful. Everyone respects everyone, no matter their background.

 by Tyler Rivera on Markham Park Shooting Range
Traps are awesome!

Love the traps the range Officers helped me out with my shooting a lot as well as the locals!


Each station has two shooting lanes. You can shoot handgun and rifle at the same station. This is a unique set up that I have yet to see elsewhere. The staff is great and always willing to help. It would be nice if we could rapid fire like law enforcement do at the left end of the range. It only goes to 100 yards, but still good for some basic shooting. It has grown on me, especially that I can shoot rifle and pistol without moving to different stations.

Gun range

All I’m sayin is only in Florida would someone complain about noise at a gun range. The handgun section has been closed for decades and is used by BSO for training. Apply to Broward sheriff if you want to shoot there. Or you could just go to any of the 50 indoor ranges in broward and let the only rifle range in the county be.

Not the best, not the worst

Beautiful setting, great if you have family who isn’t into shooting as there are plenty of other things to do in the park. THAT SAID, there are really no matches for this range, they make it all but impossible to try to set anything up, can bring a silhouette or anything, it’s basically for fudd style shooting, sit down in a chair and shoot at a paper target and one of a few different distances. I’ll still go to this range from time to time, but overall it’s very basic and boring and isn’t going to make you into a better shooter like homestead or some of the private clubs will. Sad with all the potential this setting has that it’s squandered like this, especially seeing that my tax dollars go into it. c'est la vie

Really fun dog park! My husky's played with a pit bull, it didn't have a muzzle but I don't think any dogs should unless they showed any signs of aggression. Personally, I believe it's sad that they're required to wear them Anyway, awesome park!

 by Orlando Baños on Markham Park Shooting Range

First time at this open range and I loved it! The organization is 2nd to none. It is clean, friendly staff, and well structured.

 by William on Markham Park Shooting Range
TM review

I'm visiting this rage for more than 10 years... and we are in a gun range if you have problems with gun noise this is not your place, go to any indoor range and enjoy it, also I saw another review about the 5 seconds rule that's mean security if you likes rapid fire to someplace else. Rules are the rules period.

Improvement necessary

My ears are still ringing, despite ear plugs and ear muffs. When you place long guns next to people using hand guns, most of the time it becomes an ear assault to those with handguns, when big calibers get fired. No reason at all to fill one side of the range, when people with handguns could be placed on the handgun side instead of the long rifle side. An effort should be made to use the space available, instead of shoving most on the 100yard rifle side. Give a break to our ears. Ok?

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