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Markham Park
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Really fun dog park! My husky's played with a pit bull, it didn't have a muzzle but I don't think any dogs should unless they showed any signs of aggression. Personally, I believe it's sad that they're required to wear them Anyway, awesome park!

by Orlando Baños on Markham Park Shooting Range

First time at this open range and I loved it! The organization is 2nd to none. It is clean, friendly staff, and well structured.

TM review

I'm visiting this rage for more than 10 years... and we are in a gun range if you have problems with gun noise this is not your place, go to any indoor range and enjoy it, also I saw another review about the 5 seconds rule that's mean security if you likes rapid fire to someplace else. Rules are the rules period.

Improvement necessary

My ears are still ringing, despite ear plugs and ear muffs. When you place long guns next to people using hand guns, most of the time it becomes an ear assault to those with handguns, when big calibers get fired. No reason at all to fill one side of the range, when people with handguns could be placed on the handgun side instead of the long rifle side. An effort should be made to use the space available, instead of shoving most on the 100yard rifle side. Give a break to our ears. Ok?

Shooting Tips

Of course you will develop your own style of shooting, however a little guidance from the range guys is very helpful. Range people are very knowledgeable, polite and safe.

by Ruben Geneux on Markham Park RC Flying Field
Best RC airfield in fl.

I have been flying there for 3 years best rc airfield I have seen and friendly people.

Newbie friendly.

Staff have been cordial and super supportive for a newbie like me with only ever shooting clays on 3 occasions. Staff have been helpful and mindful of dealing with a new shooter like myself, the helpfulness has also taken the edge off the intimidation factor of pursuing a new hobby such as clay shooting. Thank you! If you are new shooter and feel intimidated come to markham park, the staff will happily guide you in the right direction and fellow shooters are super friendly. I even had a more experienced shooter stand behind me and give pointers through a full round of trap. Can't get any better than that!

by William E. Burrows Jr. on Markham Park RC Flying Field
Class A Air Field

Great place for a beginner to learn to fly, lots of helpful people.

Overall triple A

Excellent staff, strong on safety and helpful providing wise advise. There is a variety of target paper you can choose from. The booth design is well thought of. An adjustable screen prevents hot brass from landing on shooters. A small and tall pistol table and a wider seated lower one for long guns per booth. Metal target frames provide easy nailing on a very clean and rock free soil. Hoping they install some form of target placement guides instead of the trial and error assisted by the RSOs today. There is a tree line that slows down wind and makes this range great for sighting in your iron, red dot or scope.

by Leon Clemones on Markham Park RC Flying Field
One of the best RC airfields

This is by far one of the best RC airfields I have seen. Good area, not obstructions, and always a good group of people willing to help you out and get you flying.

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