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Markham Park
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Birthday party

Perfect park for picnics and family gather

I go to the dog park almost everyday my dog Daisy loves it. By far the best park around. Everyone looks out for each other’s dog as if they were there own. We both made many friends at the park. Great place to socialize for dogs and there owners.

 by David Pines on Markham Park Shooting Range
Trap and skeet.

Whilst the facilities are a little old compared with the new range in Palm Beach, this is a more than adequate range. I am making it my go to place. If you want instruction in shotguns, trap, skeet or sporting clays there is no better than Steve Norris who operates there. He is a very fine instructor, knowledgeable, patient and humorous (and a crack shot). I highly recommend him.

Nice place

Good place to shoot however being used to a range in MD, this place has too many safety guys roaming around making sure you behave, maybe fine for beginners but it also raises the price to shoot and it's not cheap.

Noise complaint ?

So TM posted it’s too noisy and they should separate handgun section from rifle section. The unique factor of Markham is that you can shoot handgun and rifle at the same station without moving from one to another. If you find a gun range too noisy and are fool hardy enough to complain about it shooting may not be for you. Markham is extremely practical for basic shooting. TM get real already- lol.

10 years coming

I have been coming to this range for around 10 years. In the early days, I didn't enjoy it so much because of the condescending attitude of some of the range officers and their occasional shouting. One guy in particular, who has since retired, was famously an unhappy and bad-tempered person. However, I have noticed in recent years a much more friendly and helpful atmosphere and I would now give the officers a high score. The range is well run and is an excellent place to introduce beginners because of the high degree of safety. Don't be afraid to ask an officer for help or advice, that's what they are there for and they have many years of experience.

Trap range is perfect

Just started back shooting trap. Bought a 10 pack of flights and have had two friends join me on 2 different days shooting.. This range is great. Fellow shooters where fun to talk with great comradely. The RO's I've had controlling the pit have been friendly and I've seen them helping new shooters stay safe and have fun learning about trap. I hear a lot of posting, about Range officers being to strict. Remember these are firearms, sometimes in the hands of very inexperienced shooters. All and all a great time to be had. definitely faster paced then target shooting. hope to get my skills up to try skeet and the sporting clays.

Markham Park range

Yes, it has alot of rules and the shooting periods are very disciplined. But the payoff you get for it is that I can't imagine a safer place to shoot. It's no place to practice realistic tactical rapid fire but it's the only public range I know for longer distance shooting (100 yds.) plus in these times of Covid it's outside. The range officers range from being extremely helpful to sometimes officious and condescending but that's not a big deal. The periods cycle between range hot (15minutes?) and range cold (10 minutes?). I'm not in a hurry when I shoot so I don't care. Also you can't beat the price.

 by Austin and Chauncey on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
Fur Real Fun

My dog Chauncey and I LOVE this park. He gets to run around and have a blast. I've had overall positive experiences here. Everyone is pretty friendly/respectable and all the dogs seem to be well behaved. There are waste bags and trash bins throughout the park which is nice. There are also cool little doggy water fountains available. We bought an annual pass, and it's the best $25 bucks I've ever spent.

Stay away

Correctional kind of environment. Disrespectful rangers, yelling and unprofessional

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