Fox Astronomical Observatory

Interested in astronomy? Try the Fox Observatory!

Housed in a newly renovated building at Markham Park, the Fox Observatory is run by the South Florida Amatuer Astronomers Association (SFAAA). The observatory is open to everyone every Saturday night, from dusk to midnight regardless of the weather. For more information, call 954-384-0442.

The Telescopes

The primary telescope at the observatory is a 14 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain F/10 and several Dobsonian reflecting telescopes. The observatory also houses a 6-inch f/15 Brandon refractor donated in 1965 by the observatory’s namesake, Dr. Joseph Dennison Fox.

moon through a Nexstar 6SE

The moon through a Nexstar 6SE

Saturn through a Nexstar 6SE

Saturn through a Nexstar 6SE