RC Truck and Rock Crawler Course

Put Your R/C Truck Driving To The Test!

The Radio Controlled (R/C) Truck and Crawler Course is maintained by the South Florida Scale Crawlers (SFSC). The course is located just south of the airfield in the park. The course includes several types of obstacles and elevated portions of track with varying difficulty for rc car drivers. Patrons need to have an AMA/ROAR badge to use the RC Truck/Crawler Trails and fill out a waiver in the front office. It is a $25 annual fee to use the course. ROAR rules and guidelines along with Markham Park rules are in effect for driving areas at this site.

rc truck course
radio controlled crawler track

Electric and nitro powered 1/8 to 1/10 scale trucks by Axial, HPI, Associated and Losi seem to be the popular crawlers here. You can find more information on the rock crawling hobby and the ROAR rules here:

SFSC Facebook page
ROAR Racing

For those interested in flying R/C planes, make sure you visit the Markham Park R/C Airfield!

rc course sign
rc boca hobbies

The Rules:

We are dedicated to a family fun atmosphere and respecting the land and everyone in the R/C community

• All drivers must remain in the designated driver stand areas
• Only those marshalling should be within the drivable areas
• Marshalls always have the right of way
• R/C vehicles are not to be driven in the parking or pit areas. Please keep all driving on the tracks
• Driving against traffic is prohibited
• No R/C cars on the sidewalk
• No bicycles allowed in course
• No walking on the bridges
• 3MPH speed limit
• Children under 13 must be supervised
• Bicyclists have the right of way on sidewalk
• Only R/C Crawlers allowed on course
• When doing any repairs on any vehicle it MUST be done in the pit area
• All vehicles must have a body when driving on any of the tracks
• Be courteous to other drivers and limit your time on the tracks for others to use
• Tacks may be closed during and after inclement weather if the track is deemed unusable by park management.
• Combustion engine (nitro or 2 stroke) and electric power vehicles are permitted. Appropriate environmental action must be taken if fuel is spilled on ground.
• Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pit area.
• Continuous or blatant violation of any safety rules can result in loss of driving privileges at Markham Park.
• Markham Park staff and Volunteer Safety Officers are authorized to enforce the safety rules.

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