Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park

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Have a friendly dog? Head to Barkham Park!

Barkham is a great place to let your friendly dog interact with other dogs. There’s benches and covered areas for people and plenty of grass and a walkway around the park.  Remember: if your dog doesn’t play nicely, it’s your responsibility to make sure he or she isn’t causing trouble for other dogs. Please pick up after your dog! There’s ample trash receptacles in Barkham Park. Nobody likes to step in poop.

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Barkham Park Dog Park Rules

  • All dog owners must have valid dog park passes; dogs must have proof of current rabies vaccination on file at the park office.
  • Dog handlers must stay within sight of their dogs at all times.
  • There is a limit of three dogs per adult handler. Handlers must have within reach one leash for each dog.
  • Dog handlers are solely responsible for their dog(s).
  • This is a dog park – no other animals are permitted.
  • Cleaning up after your dog is your responsibility. We provide bags, so please use them.
  • For their own safety and health, puppies under 4 months are not permitted. Dogs in heat are also prohibited.
  • Any pit bull off leash must be muzzled in such a manner as to prevent it from biting or injuring any person or animal. (City of Sunrise Ordinance 251-A, 2(4-17.3), 5-2-89)
  • Prohibited items include food of any kind, spiked or pronged dog collars, dog pools, community water dishes.
  • Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the off-leash areas. Once there, however, unleash your dog.
  • Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave the off-leash area. Monitor your dog – if it is annoying or provoking others, it is time to leave.
  • Please respect other patrons’ requests regarding their dogs.
  • If your dog starts to dig, stop it and fill in the hole.
  • Please limit your dog park use to one hour. We reserve the right to set a time limit for your visit if attendance is at peak capacity.
  • If there are children in your party, they must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • All dog bites or injuries must be reported to park office before leaving: 954-357-8868.

The best dog park in south Florida!

Markham park has plenty of space for the furry family members too! It’s a huge facility, about three acres of grass, paths, playthings and shelters. There’s water available on site. Some people also refer to this as the Weston dog park, since it’s right on the northeast corner of Weston.

The fee is $5 per day or you can purchase an annual pass for $25. Passholders can have up to three dogs. Owners are required to provide proof of rabies vaccination at the time of purchase. Barkham Park is open daily from 8am except for Tuesdays when the dog park opens at 10am (open later in the morning due to maintenance) and it remains open until the whole park closes.

Call the Markham Park office at 954-357-8868 for more info.

If you’re looking for another great dog park a bit further north, try Okeeheelee Park! They’ve also got a great facility there. Quiet Waters Park also has opened Woofing Water Dog Park for people looking for a place to cool down and get wet during the hot summer months.

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Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Dog Owner on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park

Really fun dog park! My husky's played with a pit bull, it didn't have a muzzle but I don't think any dogs should unless they showed any signs of aggression. Personally, I believe it's sad that they're required to wear them Anyway, awesome park!

by Gayle on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
People getting in for free

Love this park but would like something to be done about people waiting at the gate for someone to leave and then they get in through the “out” gate. I’ve seen this happened on many occasions during the week. I paid for my right to use this park and resent others getting in for free. I wish the entrance and exit gates were not together.

by Keith B on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park

There's always a great group of dogs (and owners!) here. My spaniel loves it here and there's tons of room to RUN!

by Dog owner on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
Pit bulls with no muzzles

Last 3 times we have gone there have been several pit bulls with no muzzles.
This is against Sunrise City Laws.
The park told the owners that if we leave, they could go back into the dog park.

by David Miller on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
No dogs in tennis courts please

We all love this park.
Let's enjoy it together.
Please do not let your dogs in the tennis courts.
Dog feces are disgusting and dangerous to players.

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