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Preparing For Your First Time At The Range

Getting to the range for the first time is a rite of passage for anyone just getting into shooting. I knew many people who owned guns long before they actually shot this. I did this myself when I first got into the sport. If you don’t have someone to go with, your first time can be intimidating. The fear of judgement and ridicule is real, and the knowledge that guns are weapons doesn’t help alleviate any of that stress. However, there are a few things you can be aware of beforehand that can make the whole experience easier. The first is this: everyone at the range will be kind and respectful. Or, at least, a vast majority of them will be. Many will be more than happy to show you anything you need help with. This is for two reasons: [...]

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How I Zero My Rifle

Little can make as much a difference to your shooting as how well zeroed your rifle is. However, a poorly zeroed scope can make your shooting worse. So taking the time to go through the right steps can make your time at the range that much more fun. Boresighting The first thing I do when setting a new scope, or when when zeroing an old scope at the start of the season, is boresighting the scoper with a laser. After making sure my gun is empty and the range is clear, I secure the laser in the barrel of the sight. I then make sure my gun is safely secured on the table as I adjust it to put the laser on my attended target. Then I adjust the sights till the reticle aligns dead on the laser. This [...]

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How To Improve Your Hunt At The Range

Let’s be honest, there’s little that compares to the hunt. But, the range is pretty close. Beating through the bush, stalking your prey, and taking the responsibility of the kill elicits a purpose and rush that’s hard to replicate anywhere else. However, I still love the range. The atmosphere, the noise, the smell of smoke hanging in the air, it all feels right. Plus, going there regularly can make the hunt better. The best days at the range leave you with a feeling of accomplishment -- that you did more than just wearing out your trigger finger. There are several things I do to use my time at the range effectively. 1)  Zeroing my Gun Making sure your scope or iron sights is properly zeroed is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure your hunt [...]

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