healthy shake
The corona virus has us all stuck in the house and going crazy lately. It’s understandable, especially for people who love to be outside enjoying the south Florida weather! Getting outside and staying active – like you all do in so many ways at the park – is incredibly important to your health. But did you know it’s just as important to maintain a healthy diet? Before you get scared, don’t worry! Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean eating like a rabbit. There’s delicious healthy options and there’s some very motivating reasons for the things that may not be your first choice.

The CDC recommends adding colors to your plate in the form of dark, leafy greens, oranges, and tomatoes. If you like to cook, add peppers, onions or carrots to stews and omelets to give them a quick and convenient boost of color and healthy nutrients.

Fruits of all kinds are excellent choices. Add some different fruits to your diet for some great benefits, like pomegranate, kiwi or pineapple. Fruits that are not in season can generally be found in the frozen foods section and they’re just as great for you. Just make sure there isn’t any added sugar, you don’t need that! Throw them in a blender and make yourself a smoothie!

That doesn’t mean you need to go out to Publix! You can stay home and keep yourself and your family isolated and still get fresh vegetables by using one of the great delivery services that have become so popular lately. Instacart is probably the most popular one and they’ll shop at several different stores. Finding the foods you need won’t be a problem and delivery is quick. once in a while you’ll have to get a different brand than you’re used to, but all things considered, is that really a problem? Back to the healthy eating!

Try low-fat and fat-free yogurts. Put some of those in your smoothie with a flavored protein powder and you’ll see how good it can be! They’ll definitely be a better choice than sweets and they’re really filling so they’ll keep you out of the refrigerator at night. Your kids will even love them! Get them started early on healthy eating, it’s important.

Instead of frying, grill it! It’s delicious, and it gets you outdoors! And while your fish or chicken is grilling, get a grilling basket and fill it with broccoli, peppers, cauliflower and onions. Put some olive oil and spice on there and let it get good and soft, about 20 minutes to a half hour. It’s so good you can eat them as is or put them into sandwiches or whatever you like. Trust me, you’ll enjoy them!

Finally, take your supplements and vitamins! There’s an endless variety of things you can take for almost every body part or function. The healthy food is a huge step, but getting all your daily requirements with a simple once a day vitamin keeps things right where they should be. Your body won’t have to work as hard if you’ve got the necessary vitamins and you’ll feel more awake and mentally alert without having to drink so much coffee.

Stay active, stay healthy and stay positive! Before you know it, we’ll all be back out into the parks, beaches and waterways. If you get into some new healthy eating habits now, you’ll be more likely to stick to them once you get back out into the real world again. Hopefully we’ll see you out in the parks grilling some vegetables and having a smoothie after your bike ride on the trails or a walk around the park with the family. We’ll see you there soon!