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Markham Park
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Good place

They have rules, but pretty easy to follow if you can read. Definitely not the place for
LARPs(live action role players), but a great place to target shot.

Range is for Fudds, RSOs Need Better People Skills

With the exceprion of a couple of the younger guys, the RSOs at the Rifle and Pistol range think they're Marine Corps drill sergeants. They're extemely rude, unwelcoming, and seem to get off on a power trip.

The whole one shot every 5 second thing is also ridiculous. This range seems to cater to fudds who only care about "sighting in muh 30-30."

The only saving graces are that the range is outdoors and 100 yards. Ive learned to only come here when I need to zero a new optic. All my pistol and rifle shooting happens at Nexus, otherwise.

great out doors

great place to shoot

Park employees

We really appreciate the courteous and responsive employees who all seemed to care about our comfort while a guest in the park. Great cycling route and awesome proximity to shopping, restaurants, and highways.

Pit bulls with no muzzles

Last 3 times we have gone there have been several pit bulls with no muzzles.
This is against Sunrise City Laws.
The park told the owners that if we leave, they could go back into the dog park.

Trap and sporting clays Markham Park

Great place to shoot either Trap or Sporting clays i go wed for trap and thursday for sporting clays 5 stand

Great Value and Friendly People

This is a very nice RC Airfield. It has a nice, fairly spacious flying area suitable for most RC aircraft. I love flying here as the grounds are well maintained and great runway. I have seen many people fly jets with much success though it does seem like jets struggle to stay in the flying area. I do fly electric gliders and DLGs here but it is my understanding that winch and bungee launching of gliders is not allowed.

No dogs in tennis courts please

We all love this park.
Let's enjoy it together.
Please do not let your dogs in the tennis courts.
Dog feces are disgusting and dangerous to players.

Sporting clays

Sporting clays course limited with target presentations
Very repetitive! No creativity

Safest and Cleanest Dog Park!

I drive 20 extra minutes to bring our dog here.
I love that health records are required for all dogs,and the fee is worth every penny.

The park staff are wonderful too.

I have stopped going to my local dog parks because they are often filthy, poorly maintained or frequented with irresponsible, inattentive owners with sick and/or aggressive and even dangerous dogs.

Barkham in summary:

* Best Dog Park
* Best Dogs
* Best Owners

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