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Markham Park
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by Tom McCawley on Markham Park Shooting Range
Massively improved Rifle Range experience

The Trap & Skeet were always excellent. But, the rifle range used to be so unfriendly and understaffed that it was almost always an unpleasant experience. That has changed, they now have full staff and make full use of the facility. From rude and seeming resentful that you are there to friendly and helpful. Not sure when it changed because I had been driving to far away ranges for awhile, but been out 3 times this year and it was consistently pleasant. You still need to follow the rules!!

There's always a great group of dogs (and owners!) here. My spaniel loves it here and there's tons of room to RUN!


I have found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. There are rules in place for everyone’s safety. They are simple and easy to follow. Generally range staff will not interfere in your particular shooting situation unless you appear to be having a problem or committing a major “no no” such as pointing a gun in the wrong direction, improper handling of a firearm which could cause personal injury or, consistently missing the target. Then, a Range Officer will attempt to assist you unless you tell him or her that you do not need or want the assistance.

Depends on what you're looking for

Usually, my boyfriend and I drive down to Miami to shoot at our favorite outdoor range. We came to Markham on a whim because our busy work schedules didn't permit us to drive 45 mins down there. I wasn't aware that sleeveless shirts weren't permitted, since our normal range allows it. Not a big deal, and it was my fault for not checking. But when we got there and were attempting to set up, the "attendant" assigned to us wouldn't leave me alone. I felt like he was babysitting me. I've been shooting a rifle for quite some time now, and don't even have a problem with 1 shot per 5 seconds. But if you're going to critique every move I make and hang over my shoulder, I'd rather wait to go to the Miami range. Sure, Markham's schedule is easier. But as someone else here said, the attendants think they're Drill Sergeants. I was extremely uncomfortable and couldn't even have fun. I would say that if you're a woman, beware. They're going to treat you like you're a stay-at-home housewife from the 1950's.

Professional range

Everybody is highly professional. And they run this range like a CMP or NRA range. So if you can't follow some very simple instructions, go home and play HALO on your Playstation. Rules are for yours, mine, and everyone else's safety. The Markham Park range is a wonderful place to shoot. And a great place to train your kids.

Excellent please, range officers very professional. Definitely a place to go.

Good place

They have rules, but pretty easy to follow if you can read. Definitely not the place for
LARPs(live action role players), but a great place to target shot.

Range is for Fudds, RSOs Need Better People Skills

With the exceprion of a couple of the younger guys, the RSOs at the Rifle and Pistol range think they're Marine Corps drill sergeants. They're extemely rude, unwelcoming, and seem to get off on a power trip.

The whole one shot every 5 second thing is also ridiculous. This range seems to cater to fudds who only care about "sighting in muh 30-30."

The only saving graces are that the range is outdoors and 100 yards. Ive learned to only come here when I need to zero a new optic. All my pistol and rifle shooting happens at Nexus, otherwise.

great out doors

great place to shoot

Park employees

We really appreciate the courteous and responsive employees who all seemed to care about our comfort while a guest in the park. Great cycling route and awesome proximity to shopping, restaurants, and highways.

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