Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park

Have a friendly dog? Head to Barkham Park!

Barkham is a great place to let your friendly dog interact with other dogs. There’s benches and covered areas for people and plenty of grass and a walkway around the park.  Remember: if your dog doesn’t play nicely, it’s your responsibility to make sure he or she isn’t causing trouble for other dogs. Please pick up after your dog! There’s ample trash receptacles in Barkham Park. Nobody likes to step in poop.

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Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
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 5 reviews
by Dog owner on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
Pit bulls with no muzzles

Last 3 times we have gone there have been several pit bulls with no muzzles.
This is against Sunrise City Laws.
The park told the owners that if we leave, they could go back into the dog park.

by David Miller on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
No dogs in tennis courts please

We all love this park.
Let's enjoy it together.
Please do not let your dogs in the tennis courts.
Dog feces are disgusting and dangerous to players.

by Dr R on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
Safest and Cleanest Dog Park!

I drive 20 extra minutes to bring our dog here.
I love that health records are required for all dogs,and the fee is worth every penny.

The park staff are wonderful too.

I have stopped going to my local dog parks because they are often filthy, poorly maintained or frequented with irresponsible, inattentive owners with sick and/or aggressive and even dangerous dogs.

Barkham in summary:

* Best Dog Park
* Best Dogs
* Best Owners

by Cooper on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park
Barkham Park rocks!

Cleanest dog park I have ever been to! Great job Barkham staff!

by Chris K on Barkham Park Dog Park at Markham Park

We love going to Barkham Park every week. My dog gets all excited when we pull in the parking lot. It's clean and everyone is very friendly.

The best dog park in south Florida!

Markham park has plenty of space for the furry family members too! It’s a huge facility, about three acres of grass, paths, playthings and shelters. There’s water available on site. There is a fee for entry to Barkham, but the annual pass was only $25 at the time of this writing. Call the Markham Park office at 954-357-8868 for more info.